Managerial Coaching Clinic

As part of International Coaching Week, we will work on your coaching skills. Coaching is a necessity for a modern day leader. We need to know how to have conversations with our people with help them grow. There's no way you can just tell them what to do. You need to uncover their potential.

On this workshop I'll let a few volunteers to coach me and I will be providing feedback and advice on how to improve their coaching skills. As observers you will also see how good coaching looks like and how it can be improved. If you want to volunteer as a coach please send me a message.

Please note: this session will be recorded to be shared with the broader community. By registering for this event, you are giving your consent for the recording to be shared.

Datum a čas

4. května 2020

18:30 22:30 Europe/Prague

Martynov Oleksandr

+420 608 831 814

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